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LINE PROTOSTAR is a program that aims to help startups scale their businesses by leveraging LINE’s cutting-edge platform and technologies. All ideas and creations are welcome, send them to us here! With over 19 million users in Taiwan, LINE PROTOSTAR gives developers and businesses access to an extensive network of LINE users. Build applications integrated with LINE to reach users and create more value to your businesses. Through our program, LINE works with startups to build services on LINE platform and expand user bases.

What we offer?

LINE Platform Resources

LINE official resource connection
Free LINE Official Account - Link to LINE product/service and integrate users in LINE platform ecosystem
LINE marketing and advertisement resource worth 300,000 NTD in value
Joining LINE SCALEUP Program in Thailand easily to explore SEA market

Acceleration Program

Professional consulting services from strategic partners
Professional consultation and operating progress evaluation provided by CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator (CCIA) experts
Professional courses and exclusive consulting sessions provided by Deloitte
Value-added resources from LINE ecosystem
Technical consultation, business model suggestion and professional partner matching
Joining LINE PROTOSTAR network and communicating with other startups periodically
Being invited to present in LINE related campaign to gain larger media exposure and marketing spotlight opportunities

What are available paths for startups who joined LINE PROTOSTAR?

Potential to become new service partners

Being prioritized of LINE new services’ usage, resource integration and cooperation as a startup in LINE PROTOSTAR program

Potential to receive investment fund

Investment decision will subject to growth trajectory, business model, market potential, innovation and team

Startup’s options to continue using OA

Pay special price of service fee, while having the same PROTOSTAR contractual obligations as first year
Exchange another year of free OA usage by offering company shares to LINE (LINE holds discretion to make investment offer and term)
Pay regular OA price to LINE, exit LINE PROTOSTAR program



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    PROTOSTAR Review
    2020.05.05 - 2020.05.06


    How to Join

    Startups can join LINE PROTOSTAR through these process.

    1Submit proposalSubmit your business proposal and let us know what kind of services will be launched on LINE platform.JOIN NOW!!

    2Business Connect development account activationA Business Connect development account will be activated once the proposal is accepted. Startups will learn how to create an application on LINE platform and build new services in development environment.

    3Develop an applicationStartups must complete the core function of services within six months after creating Business Connect development account.

    4Release demoStarups will demostrate new services on LINE platform to Review Committee

    5Sign a contract with LINEOnce released demo is accepted, LINE and startups will sign a contract to launch the service.

    6Launch the serviceLINE will provide another Business Connect account for service production. The previous Business Connect development account can continue to be used for developing new features and fixing bugs. Startups must prepare separate environments for development and production.

    What are we looking for

    • Less than 5 years old
    • Before A funding stage

    • Privately held

    Criteria to be eligible for investment / become LINE partners

    • Execution ability
    • Solid growth trajectory with measurable market size
    • Scalable through LINE platform

    • Innovative
    • Strong team


    What is LINE PROTOSTAR program?

    LINE PROTOSTAR is a program that helps startups grow by giving them free LINE Business Connect accounts, training and support. PROTOSTAR partners can develop and release services on LINE platform at no cost in their first year of the program. LINE PROTOSTAR is available to startups that are privately held, less than 5-year-old and before A funding stage.

    Why is LINE offering this program to startups?

    LINE is aiming to transform from messaging app into a "smart portal" where users can retrieve content, services and information in chats or Channel Web Applications. To achieve this vision, LINE is recruiting partners to build their applications and services on LINE platform. LINE believes in building valuable long-term partnerships by helping startups grow and succeed. Together we can build smart mobile ecosystem.

    In which countries does LINE offer this program?

    Currently, LINE PROTOSTAR program is only available in Taiwan. However, startups from any country may apply for this program to build their global services.

    Are there any services which are restricted by LINE PROTOSTAR program?

    Yes. Startups providing the following services cannot apply for LINE PROTOSTAR program: sales of alcohol or tobacco, gambling, dating services, pornographic products, and competing services.