• Introduction

    With over 200 million active users worldwide, the LINE platform gives developers and businesses access to an extensive network of LINE users. Developers and businesses can build applications integrated with LINE to reach users and create more value. The term protostar means the prototype of a star. Every startup, just like a protostar, has the potential to become a large enterprise (supergiant star). Through the LINE Protostar program, LINE works with startups to build applications using the LINE platform and to expand their business to more LINE users. Startups that join the program or "Protostars", gain access to the following:

    Free LINE Business Connect account
    for application development

    maximum six months before release

    Free LINE Business Connect account
    for production services

    Minimum one year

    Free technical consultation
    from LINE

  • Introduction

    Startups which are less than 5 years old, privately held, and make less than 1 million USD in annual earnings are eligible for the program. After 1 year in the program, LINE evaluates the startup's performance to determine what the best thing to do is for the startup. There are four possible outcomes:


    If the service generates a lot of revenue, the startup pays a regular fee to use the LINE platform.


    If the service generates average revenue, LINE participates in revenue-sharing with the startup.


    If the service is growing but not generating much income, the startup can continue to use the LINE platform for free for one more year.


    If the service's performance does not meet expectations, the startup has to shut down the service or stop using the LINE platform.

Startup Stories

JDW Co. Ltd


  • Easily order a ride through TaxiGo Official Account
  • Pay for the ride using pre-authorized credit card or Line Pay
  • Book a ride in advance, check trip history and rating the trip
LINE ID@taxigo


Wei Gu Li Taiwan stock bot

  • Wei Gu Li is a personal investment assistant chatbot
  • Wei Gu Li curates personalized financial related information and support the investment-related activities
  • Wei Gu Li has more than 50,000 stock investors and 7,000+ LINE stock groups use now
LINE ID@u168

Forge X Co., Ltd.


  • Online Menu
  • No need to call
  • Order with friends
LINE ID@chumetw



  • Send recommendation by location
  • Analyze and generate training records
  • Calculate the rate of progress

Astrotek Integration Co., Ltd.


  • World's easiest personal safety device
  • Emergency location tracking
  • Thoughtfully-designed accessory
LINE ID@wiso

REDIdea Co., Ltd.


  • The user's mobile dictionary
  • Search by typing or audio clip
  • Exclusive video sentence examples
LINE ID@voicetube


What is the Protostar program?

LINE Protostar is a program that helps startups grow by giving them free LINE Business Connect accounts, training and support. Protostar partners can develop and release services using the LINE platform at no cost in their first year of the program. Protostar is available to startups that are privately held, less than 5-years-old and earn less than $1M in annual revenue.

In which countries does LINE offer this program?

Currently, the Protostar program is only available in Taiwan. However, startups from any country may apply for this program to build their global services.

Why is LINE offering this program to startups?

LINE is aiming to transform its messaging app into a "smart portal" where users can retrieve content, services and information in chats or Channel Web Applications. To achieve this vision, LINE is recruiting partners to build their applications and services on the LINE platform. LINE believes in building valuable long-term partnerships by helping startups grow and succeed. Together we can build smart mobile ecosystems.

Are there any services which are restricted by the Protostar program?

Yes. Startups providing the following services cannot apply for the LINE Protostar program: sales of alcohol or tobacco, gambling, dating services, pornographic products, and competing services.

Join Protostar

Startups can join the LINE protostar program by following six steps:

Request for a Business Connect account
for development

Provide information about the service and administrators to get a Business Connect account BOT and IN_APP_WEB permissions.

Develop an application

Learn how to create an application on the LINE platform and build a new service in the development environment.

Submit a proposal

A proposal of the service must be submitted within six months of creating the Business Connect account. LINE will review the proposal and provide feedback within one week.

Sign a contract with LINE

When the proposal is accepted, a contract will be made to launch the service.

Use Business Connect account in production

LINE will provide another Business Account to be used in production for the service. The Business Connect development can continue to be used for developing new features and fixing bugs. Startups must prepare separate environments for development and production.

Launch the service

Request an account